The Management Team of Sway

  • Kuoda

    Anthony Pellone

    Co-Owner, CEO, and 1/4 founders of SwayGG.  I am always here for our members and do what I can to help everyone in the organization. I play mainly Xbox One with a few PC games mixed here or there.  Twitter: @kuoda_sway XBL: Kuoda#SwayAllDay...Read More

  • Hostility

    Anthony Morris

    Founder, Owner, and CEO of Sway Gaming. Anthony "HostiLity" Morris, better known to Sway as Morris is one of 4 founders of Sway Gaming. Striving to make Sway stand out compared to different Organizations and coming from owning another organization. Starting from being a regular casual player to becoming a competitive player in Call of Duty, to lastly running and owning Sway Gaming.  ...Read More

  • Drudge

    James M.

    Website Manager   xbox Gt: DrudgeDaNinja...Read More