TopicHello Lady and Gents

  • Sat 1st Aug 2015 - 6:02am

    Name: Morris


    Item Requesting: Twitch Graphics and Twitter Graphic

    Color Scheme: Sway colors as usual. Maybe a bit more silver.

    Social Media Link: Twitter for the Twitch stuff. Twitch on the Twitter thing.

    Additional Information: Ok so what I am looking to get done is:


    1. A Twitter Background since the one I got is currently old. Idec what it looks like honestly. Could be just a straight black with the logo and my info which is honestly just my Twitch ( and maybe put CEO on it somewhere.


    2. For the twitch, I need a offline screen, overlay (for hopefully when I get a computer) and lastly twitch panels. The panels I want are:

    - About 

    - Donate

    - Twitter

    - YouTube

    - Rules

    - FAQ

    - Sway Graphic (So I can link Sway to it)


    But that's about it. Seems like a lot but I put the detail in.


    Thanks guys and gal. Lemme know who or what happens. 



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