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  • Sat 26th Jan 2019 - 2:50am

    Welcome to the Sway Gaming Code of Conduct and Regulations


    We advise all members to please read our rules and abide by them. Every member is to sign off after reading these rules using the comment box to the right after reading. Please make sure that if you recruit anyone into Sway that they read our CoC as well. 


    We thank everyone for being a valued member of our organization and hope you enjoy your stay!




    Common Conduct in and around Sway


    1. We do NOT condone any cheating, hacking, game tampering, or system tampering. If you are caught, you will be removed from Sway indefinitely with no return.  All members are held accountable for themselves and their own actions. Other members and leaders will not be held responsible for members who break and/or violate rules with in or outside of Sway. We have a zero-tolerance policy. Violating members will suffer the necessary punishment from least to greatest.



    - Note: Please make sure to read and understand the Xbox live, Playstation Network, PC, or the certain games disclaimer and do not break any laws while you are with in Sway. Do not sell any products that while under the Sway name, on our website, or the advertisers website, or any other form, that would violate this section. Controllers, Headsets, or any other forms of gaming equipment may be used and are not subjected to or in any way cheating.

    Xbox Live Disclaimer -

    Playstation Network Disclaimer -





    2. Discrimination of any type is not condoned and will NOT be tolerated while in Sway. We do not tolerate discrimination as in racist, sexual, age, gender, religious, political, or any other way. Please remember you are not just representing yourself but you are also representing the Sway name and all its achievements past and future. Please make sure show professionalism to the fullest and in a positive manner. If you catch a member in any way breaking this, please report it to a divisional leader or founder so they can be dealt with accordingly.

    - Note: Please do not take it upon yourself or feel egged on. Just ignore/walk away.




    3. We do NOT have age limit here in Sway, though we do have a maturity level. We always want professionalism and respect. If a member (regardless of age) is not showing both of these traits, they will be removed from Sway. We have a reputation to uphold and will make sure it is upheld at whatever costs. 




    4. Anyone who joins Sway does NOT have to change their gamertag, we repeat we do NOT force ANYONE to change their gamertag. If you do happen to change it, we thank you for showing us your utmost loyalty to our organization/community. We do REQUIRE all member to sign up on our site and make sure to follow the rules of each game division (example: Clan wars in Call of Duty). New Members have up to 30 days to create a account on our site. 




    5. If you have an issue with another member in our organization, we suggest you speak to a higher up with in Sway in a private setting (Skype, Private chat, phone call/text, twitter DMs, Facebook, or any other sort). This helps to keep the issue at hand from escalating and doesn't cause to much commotion to disrupt others. If you feel that the person you spoke to is not working on the situation correctly, then we advise you to take the issue to someone else in the same manner that is higher up. All issues will be brought to light in a timely manner and in the best/appropriate way they can be. 

    - Note: Please do not jump from person to person quickly. Give time for the person to straighten out the situation or to pass it on if they cannot fix the issue at hand.




    6. Owners, Leaders, and Divisional Leaders try to hold meetings here and there to help everyone in on things or aspects going on with/in Sway. Once meetings are called (2 or more weeks in advanced) they will be posted on our calender located on our homepage and also posted on our twitter page (@SwayGG or We ask all members to be on the look out for these meetings. All meetings, no matter who called by, should be recorded so that members who could not make them can go back and watch them over so no information is lost.




    7. Any ideas or things you would like to see happen are always welcome to be said. If you have an idea please make sure to either post in the proper spot on our forums or bring it up to the proper leader. If it is a game idea for a specific game, please bring it up to the games divisional leader. If it is a general one please bring it up to anyone with a higher stature. 
    8. While in Sway don't distribute, post, publish, upload, disseminate or discuss defamatory, infringing, obscene, sexual or unlawful materials like child pornography or illegal drugs, including images, audio, video, or text on this website, social media, sponsors sites, or any other sites that directly bring it back to Sway Gaming in any way shape or form.
    9. Any information that you deem to personally or directly gives your full identity (such as your government full name, address, phone number, credit card number, social security, etc.) while you're playing, on social media, or on our website. Though on our website you may (if you choose to) put your full name and whatever else that YOU deem you would like to use. This information could be used by other players for illegal or harmful purposes. Also, don't give out the personal information of other players that you don't want to give. This could mean your email and password used to sign into your xbox or playstation.
    Conduct while Gaming



    1. All members are to act courteous while playing and having the Sway name either in their GT or clan tag. Trash talking to some extent is ok. Continuous abuse will be subjected by both Sway and console/games violations. If by some chance you become banned in any way by an outside source, we will be removing you from Sway as well.



    2. While playing and in game, please do not leave another Sway member behind. Quitting in the middle of a game because you are not winning and/or you are not personally doing will is UNACCEPTABLE. "Rage Quitting" on your team only hurts your other members that are in the game still and is disrespectful. Abide by our respecting other members/teammates and showing your dedication to them. If you feel things aren't going well, finish the game out and back out of the lobby you're in. If you are raging to hard and upset, just mute your mic till the game is over and then if you want you can leave. Remember, gaming is for fun. If you are not having fun, don't ruin it for others.

    - Note: If you are having a problem that is personal while in the middle of the game, please let your fellow teammates know you have to leave so at least they have a heads up and will not be mad at you.  



    3. When making a gamertag or PSN I.D. do not make a name/alias that others may find offensive. Examples: Profanity, Sexual, Discriminatory or Racial, Drugs/Controlled Substances, Illegal activities or anything else in an immature nature. Creating a alias that has to do something with critical events such as timeline events in history that may cause emotional distress on others is also prohibited. Your bio on either consoles, social media, or our website may not contain ANY of these references as well. In addition, trying to avoid a temporary suspension by creating alternate new accounts may result in a permanent ban on the new user account and a possible escalation of punishment to the original account and all related accounts. If you create a gamertag that has been determined to violate the Terms of Use or Code of Conduct, you will be required to change it. If you create Terms of Use or Code of Conduct violating content anywhere in the system, we may delete it and a suspension of varying length will be issued on the account depending on the frequency and severity of the infraction. 



    4. Cheating or Hacking - Don't cheat in a game unless cheats have been deliberately enabled. Don't modify or hack game content to create cheats. Don't intentionally play with someone else who is using unauthorized software or methods in order to help inflate your game rank or gamer score. Don't post links to materials that could harm other users' computers or would allow others to inappropriately access software or Web sites.



    5. Don't harass, abuse, attack or spam other players whether apart of Sway or not. Don't scream, yell, threaten, or stalk other players in any kind. Don't speak of violence or harm in any way. Don't DDos, Hack, Swat, or any of the sort.



    6. Some offenses warrant an immediate account cancellation by the companies and/or Sway, including but not limited to hacking, modding, fraud, severe racial remarks, nudity on the Xbox Live/Playstation Network cameras, and continued creation of profane gamertags or profile content.



    7. If your account is becomes suspended before or during participation in a tournament or competition, we will not be liable in the loss of any potential prizes or recognition related to any way the prize may have been won, tournament entry or competition winnings.






    If you violate the Code of Conduct or the Terms of Use that you agreed to, action may be taken against your account.


    How can you change all of this?


    Just avoid getting into trouble by any of these companies or our Code of Conduct! 

    Now that's really easy.


    Just follow the rules!


    Kuoda Co-Owner/CEO Sway Gaming Twitter: @Kuoda_Sway Email:

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